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mercury free dentist central flThere is ample evidence that mercury is a potent neurotoxin. Simply put, it is toxic to our nervous system. It is an element of dental amalgam or what is commonly called a “silver filling.” While there is a lot on controversy in the dental profession, and many dentists still use it, we do not! Decayed or broken teeth can be restored using composite resin. It has withstood the test of time as a dental restorative material. It is strong and does not crack teeth like amalgams do. It is esthetic and because it is bonded to the tooth, it seals the tooth better than amalgam ever could.

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With the ever increasing toxic burden our bodies face from foods, medications, and the environment, it is not necessary to have our dental restorations adding to that. Amalgams can be removed carefully and safely. In addition, chelation can help your body detoxify. Chelators are available at health food stores, or from your physician or alternative health care provider. We are so grateful, there is a better way!

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